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 How many charms will fit into a locket? 

We recommend up to 7 charms and a few extra gemstones for a keychain, pendant or bracelet Though, it is possible you can fit a few more!
If you’d like to see if you can fit more send a screenshot of your basket or a charm list to Hello@uniquelockets.co.uk and we will let you know if they will fit.  
How do i open my locket? 
The necklaces, watches and keychains are ‘twist open’ style - Simply twist the face of the locket anti-clockwise and it will unscrew. There is a rubber seal on the inside of the threading so you will feel resistance as you turn it .The wrap around bracelets are magnetic style, lift the lip on one side and the magnets will release. 
How do i order more than one locket, do you put the charms in?
Yes, we assemble the lockets for you.
If you are ordering multiple lockets you can let us know which charms are going into each locket by leaving a note at the checkout. Alternatively you can reply to your order confirmation email or send a message through the chat box. 
 Otherwise we can put your charms into a little bag and you will be able to assemble them on arrival. 
Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you need any more info 😊